The Mission

The United States of America is a republic, not a dictatorship. We demand that our congressional representatives stand up to the White House and defeat the Trump agenda.

Our mission is to build an inclusive coalition at the Houston level, to fight the rise of tyranny in America. Our organizing principles reflect our uncompromising resistance to authoritarianism and commitment to civil rights, fundamental institutions, and the American social fabric. Donald Trump, his presidential administration, and the current Republican leadership of the US government and the State of Texas are a threat to America: its people, its ideals, and its communities. The agenda of the Trump administration and all those who support it in the United States Congress, in the Texas Statehouse, and in our local communities must be opposed.

We believe in an American democracy committed to good governance. We define good governance as a system that provides for the equitable treatment of all human beings, the defense of our natural rights, and the empowerment of every individual to reach their highest good.

We support a completely activated citizenry: universal advocacy, engagement, and knowledge of the people and processes in our communities and our government. Our chief job is as a supportive “cavalry” focused locally on elected officials for defensive purposes. However, since defense and offense are not clearly separated in politics, that can also mean engaging in proactive campaigns, and working to remove politicians from office.

The Leadership Team

Daniel Cohen – President

Daniel is a professional communicator with a deep love for advocacy. A lifelong Houstonian, Daniel grew up in a civically engaged family and has always taken part in his community. Today, he is dedicated to organizing to challenge institutions of power to make the world a better place. A career communicator, business owner, and Democratic Party precinct chair, Daniel believes in The People and the power of uncomfortable truths.

Benjamin Hernandez – Action

Benjamin is an activist, immigrant, father, and supporter of democracy. He has extensive experience organizing for both electoral and non-electoral causes, with a specialty in digital communications and community outreach. As principal of Human Age Digital, he supports progressive campaigns and causes through targeted social media outreach. In 2018, he ran for Congress in TX-09, and in 2022, he went viral for confronting Ted Cruz following the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, calling for the Senator to support comprehensive gun reform.

Greg Broyles – Finance

Greg Broyles has been one of Houston’s most active environmental advocates for decades. In a given week, Greg can be found hitting the streets, assisting asylum seekers and refugees, fighting for cleaner air or otherwise taking action to shine light on social issues that are both local and global. Greg loves his family, his friends, and the outdoors, and respects the humanity of all people, recognizing our similarities while celebrating our differences alike as strengths of character.

Lauren Price – Operations

Lauren is a wonky data aficionado with a past career in social justice work and a current role in education. She’s a strong woman with a passion for helping women and children, particularly when it comes to helping them succeed and defending their rights. Price was one of many women’s march group leaders out of the gate in 2017. In 2018, she led a scrappy team of volunteers to develop a data-driven, precinct-level strategy for VR and GOTV across Harris County. She is proud to put the the bi in biracial, the panic in Hispanic, and the VISIBLE in invisible disability. When she’s not helping keep rebels orderly enough to make an impact, she can be found stress-baking, or on the choral risers at Jones Hall with the Houston Symphony.