ICYMI – Redistricting Strategy for the Texas Lege!

With redistricting coming in the next legislative session, Texans will soon face a statewide discussion over what maps should look like to make sure elections are fair and people are represented. What should those maps look like? What should we be cautious of as legislators, donors, and special interests seek to influence the map for future elections? How can we as Texans fight for fair, democratic maps against the tide of anti-democratic voter suppression, intimidation, gerrymandering and other extremist schemes?
Join Indivisible Houston and Texans Against Gerrymandering for our (virtual) January general meeting to learn more about the answers to these questions. This presentation will help prep working Texans seeking to push for representation of their communities to deliver testimony for the legislative session. We will also plug you in to the statewide Indivisible efforts to impact the upcoming legislative session.
Let's start 2021 off right, in the name of democracy!
Thank you to Lydia Ozuna, President of Texans Against Gerrymandering, for her great presentation!
You can download the slides from Texans Against Gerrymandering by clicking the link: old.indivisiblehouston.org/uploads/31-Jan-21-Houston-Indivisible.pdf