How we resist

First, download the guide located here: Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda


For now, we are one Houston-wide group. Because of the way our districts are gerrymandered, we don’t all have the same representatives in the House. You can be a part of determining how we grow by getting involved

Leadership Team


Phone calls
Minimum is coordinated phone calls to our reps every work day. We can partner with other organizations who are already doing this, so we maximize the effect. The goal is for as many people as possible to contact reps about the same issue on the same day.

View sample scripts

Other orgs coordinating calls to reps:

Local events

We’ll have a shared calendar that tracks there whereabouts of Senators Cornyn and Cruz from our friends in Austin. They do not post their schedules on their websites or social media, so we will need to make regular phone calls asking when is the next Town Hall or other public event.

We will coordinate which sound bites to emphasize at each event (need to be laser-focused on a single issue so message doesn’t get muddled). Beyond that, follow the playbook in the original Indivisible doc.

Media outreach

It turns out our representatives care deeply about what local papers say about them. So we need to praise good political reporting and be very vocal when the media is dishonest.

Example: This story from the Star-Telegram has a super-objective headline, and is totally fawning hagiography of one of the worst Trump lackeys:

Roger Williams works hard to serve his far-flung Texas congressional district

How do we do this? Old-fashioned letters to the editor, plus coordinated social media trolling. When you complain or praise, always identify yourself as a constituent in the subject’s district.

Messaging u0026amp; Tone

For our Republican representatives, most of our messaging will be designed to appeal to Republicans’ common sense, patriotism, or at least self-interest. If we act hysterical, or seem unfocused, we lose.

Members living in Al Green, Gene Green, or Sheila Jackson Lee’s districts should contact their office and thank them anytime they speak out against Trump.

Physical and Information Security

Read this post on Keeping Your Digital Self Secure in the Age of Trump.

We use secure channels to coordinate our activities. And no member should participate in any action, whether in person or online, that makes them feel unsafe.

We’ll need to strike a balance between security and the need to put real constituents–not anonymous social media accounts–in front of our representatives. Anyone comfortable using their real names should do so, but please be careful.