Indivisible demands of the Texas State 86th Legislature

Members of the 86th Legislature
Texas House of Representatives
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Members of the 86th Legislature:

Two years ago, a grassroots movement known as Indivisible started as local groups who met in living
rooms, community centers, and places of worship across the state. We expanded our alliances with the many grassroots organizations who came before us. We joined forces and rallied against dangerous bills and proposals that attempted to gut our social safety nets, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and divide our communities (i.e. SB4, the “show-me-your-papers” bill). We decried discriminatory bathroom bills and attacks on reproductive rights. And we worked tirelessly on voter registration efforts, as well as volunteered and canvassed for political campaigns, to contribute to the huge electoral gains that progressives made in Texas.

That tremendous energy has not dissipated. In fact, we are newly committed to organizing at the state
level and holding our Texas Legislators accountable.

Most recently, we noted that a bipartisan group of representatives came out in support of Rep. Bonnen (R-Angleton)’s nomination for Speaker of the House. We understand the need for a Speaker who will do the most good for Texas. And we expect that every lawmaker, including the next Speaker, will be mindful of the seismic shift in the Texas political landscape, powered by people who share a common set of values, and who will continue to vote for a bold, progressive agenda.

We expect our state lawmakers to support:
Restoration of faith in our elections and the integrity of our elected officials, as evidenced by a
commitment to voting rights, accurate data, fair elections, and real representation at every level of

High-quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare to address the fact that Texas has the highest
of the number of uninsured children (and residents) in the country. Access to preventative care is
vital to addressing the deep health care disparities in our state, including higher rates of maternal
mortality and morbidity among African American women.

Compassionate immigration policies that do not inflict harm on communities and that respect
immigrants’ cultural, social, and economic contributions to the state.

High-quality public education and a commitment to meeting the educational needs of all students
in public schools while addressing the practices and prejudices that feed the school-to-prison

Real solutions to reduce the epidemic of gun violence, beyond thoughts and prayers and
“hardening” of public spaces.

Confronting climate change through the adoption of renewable and sustainable energy resources,
in conjunction with innovative infrastructure development.

We believe in a Texas where our best days lie still ahead. And we look forward to continued partnerships
that will work towards strengthening our democracy and our great state.

Indivisible TX 25 East Austin
Indivisible TX 20
Indivisible Houston
Indivisible FWTX (Fort Worth)
Indivisible TX 21 Austin
Indivisible Senate District 30
Indivisible Grapevine
Indivisible Fort Worth
Indivisible Rosedale Huddle
Texans R United
Indivisible TX 23
Indivisible Bryan/College Station
Indivisible Austin
Indivisible Richardson
Indivisible SATX
Indivisible DFW
Indivisible Dallas
Indivisible Coppell/Valley Ranch
Indivisible TX 24
Indivisible Southlake
Indivisible Wimberley
Indivisible New Braunfels
Indivisible Katy Huddle
Indivisible 121
Indivisible Wilco
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