Indivisible Houston Commits to Flipping Texas

Grassroots Group Indivisible Houston Joins Movement to Win White House, Senate

Progressive grassroots group Indivisible Houston has officially joined the growing movement of organizations engaged in the 2020 election, agreeing to support the Democratic nominee for the Senate and the White House. Indivisible Houston Star Logo

“The balance of the Senate and the White House are at stake right now, and The People are ready to fight for democracy and for a better world,” said Indivisible Houston Action Chair Diana Alexander. “Texas is ready for change, The People of Texas are ready to make a difference, and we’re here to be a part of it.”

“Here we come!”

Indivisible Houston has also committed to the Indivisible 2020 Pledge, joining a chorus of voices calling for unified opposition to President Trump and the rest of his administration.

Texas is often cited as a key battleground state for the 2020 cycle. In 2018, the Texas Senate race was the closest it had been in decades, with Beto O’Rourke coming up less than three points short in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz. Progressives made steep gains in Harris County, the largest county in Texas and home county to the majority of Houston. Thanks to one of the largest turnout efforts in history, every judicial bench in the county turned Democratic, as did the county commissioners court, paving the way for the end of the county’s cash bail system. Houstonians in Texas’ seventh congressional district also powered a surge in turnout that defeated long-term incumbent John Culberson.

Indivisible Houston will continue to engage in other forms of activism and hold representatives accountable for their actions, including protests, phone rallies, events, workshops, and monthly meetings on local, state, and federal issues.

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Daniel J. Cohen