Indivisible Houston Invites Texas Democratic US Senate Candidates to Participate in Primary Scorecard Questionnaire

Houston Indivisibles:

We’re proud to announce that we have officially sent out an organizational questionnaire to all Texas Democratic US Senatorial Primary candidates!

In full transparency, our questionnaire (fully accessible here) is patterned on the Indivisible National questionnaire given to Presidential candidates, yet tailored for a Senate race and toward issues that are important to Texas Indivisibles.

We have sent this questionnaire for several reasons:

1) We want Indivisibles and our fellow siblings in the progressive community to have their questions treated as a priority.

The Indivisible Movement has fought for progressive values every day in the Era of Trump. We fight to stand shoulder to shoulder with movements that arose before us and push with our fellow members of newer movements for true progressive change through democracy reform and equitable government.

This questionnaire puts contenders for a critical office in a pivotal state on the spot and makes them answer our questions.

2) We want to know who is or isn’t communicating with grassroots activists and supporters across the State of Texas.

Showing up to address our concerns and move the progressive agenda forward matters to us. A lot. Our movement is more than a single campaign or a single group. We want candidates to be connected to the grass roots and work with them specifically.

3) We want to emphasize the power of progressives in this primary as opposed to any national Democratic Party group. As previously mentioned we are opposed to official party apparatus such as the DSCC or DCCC putting their thumbs on the scale in our races because it undermines our democratic process. By independently scoring candidates, we are moving the conversation back to what it should be about: the candidate that will be best for Texas and best to fight for a democracy everyone can be a part of.

We look forward to hearing back from the candidates and working together to defeat John Cornyn!

Engage, Educate, Resist,

Indivisible Houston