Indivisible Houston Official Statement on Impeachment: Nobody is Above the Law

Trump Impeachment Light Houston

Nobody is above the law.

Tonight’s Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives further confirmed what The People of the United States and Indivisibles across the country have known for quite some time: 45 has committed crimes that are unworthy of the presidency. Tonight he has earned this rebuke from the House of Representatives, and from the American people.

The leader in the White House is supposed to be the nation’s highest public servant, committed to the public good instead of his own personal agenda. Yet we have seen sworn testimony that he attempted to extort a foreign power to carry out a “domestic political errand” – his political dirty bidding. The leader in the White House is supposed to be a champion of justice. Yet Trump has obstructed justice at every turn, insulting the American people through spin and outright lies. This grifter is hellbent on reframing his high crimes and misdemeanors as the normal course of behavior.

Even before his inauguration, 45 broke the norms of our democracy. Since January 2017, he and his administration have willfully committed a series of egregious human rights abuses, including pardoning a war criminal, making light of white supremacist murder and setting up crowded camps on our southern border. He has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the laws against using the office of the President for personal benefit — laws that are supposed to preserve our democracy from dissolving into an outright kleptocracy. So 45 has put on us the uncomfortable obligation to call for his removal from office – to preserve our democracy from further corruption, and for the preservation of our rights in a democracy. 

Congressional Republicans are Complicit

In spite of the many measures we have taken to make known our outrage, Trump’s crooked and complicit gang of hard right House reps have signed up to protect him. These reps have attempted to shut down debate, continuously lied to the country, and disgraced our nation, process, and Constitution throughout this ordeal. At every opportunity, they have willfully misinterpreted facts given under oath. They have repeated foreign propaganda conspiracy theories. They have faked facts, pointed fingers, and cried foul falsely and egregiously. Perhaps worst of all, they have protected themselves at the expense of their constituents and our entire country.

Kevin McCarthy and other lying Trump cronies in Congress are fully committed to enormous lies and naked self-interest as they support party over country, This entire endeavor could have been avoided if these complicit representatives and the man in the White House hadn’t acted as they have for more than three years.

The Republican members of Congress have shown their true colors, and exposed a rottenness that can only be defeated by The People.

Repo “representatives” should be using Congressional power to help the people of this country by passing one of the many bills languishing in the Senate after passing the House. The House has passed more than 400 bills since January 2019 – democracy reform and anti-corruption measures, prescription health coverage and environmental protections, sensible gun reform, and defense of the social safety net.

Yet Con Man Mitch McConnell and Crooked John Cornyn continue to kill the bills passed by the House – leaving them to languish in a pile of unmet American priorities. That the House had to take time away from continuing to pass other beneficial bills to impeach a crooked “leader” is the fault of that “leader” and others who defend him.

While the Senate should be focused on governing this nation by improving people’s lives by protecting their rights, expanding their opportunities, and ensuring that everyone in our country is entitled to a life of dignity, the House majority had to take action to protect The People from an out-of-control leader with a history of prejudice.

While Senate Leadership and Republican obstructionists in the House should be focused on ensuring working families have food on the table, healthcare for everyone no matter what the circumstances, and the chance to go to have housing without going bankrupt, the country had to counterbalance a wannabe dictator’s attempts to divide and conquer his own constituents. 

We Can Do Better Than This

This corrupt administration and their Congressional enablers have demonstrated that they believe in an America where rights are curtailed, families are separated, people are judged by their race, class, or other identities, and robber barons can bleed communities dry while poisoning their air and water. 

We do not. 

We believe that we can be better than this. 

We believe in a democracy that everyone can be a part of: where the vote is protected, where districts are drawn fairly, where judges rule in accordance with the law, and the law is just.

We believe in a democracy where officials’ corruption is replaced by true transparency and accountability.

We believe in a democracy where government is representative, where the future is shaped not by money, but by justice

We believe in a country where no matter who you are or where you come from, you are accepted and afforded the rights and protections of a sound Constitution. 

We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and all they could be.

Since January 20, 2017, this nation’s executive branch has disguised manipulation as leadership, abuse as “greatness”, and bigotry as governance. This is not who we have to be. 

We believe in a better country.

We believe we can build a better world.

We believe that our future belongs to us. We believe in you – We – The People of the United States.

We believe that we will win.

Signed in solidarity,

Indivisible Houston

Democracy belongs to The People, and only The People can protect it. Indivisible Houston needs YOUR HELP in the march to victory in 2020  – registering voters, knocking on doors, making calls, protesting, and advocating for a better world. Support us today, or sign up to stay engaged as we flip Texas, dump Trump, and kick Senator Cornyn out of office.

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