Lisa Song Sutton Barely Votes. Dan Crenshaw Endorsed Her Anyway.

Dan Crenshaw should be focused on serving the second congressional district in Texas. Instead, he is focusing his time helping Lisa Song Sutton, a candidate in Nevada who wants to be in Congress even though she barely votes.

lisa sutton meme hasn't voted

Lisa Song Sutton of Las Vegas is running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. Apparently, she believes she belongs in Congress but hasn’t voted in 12 years.

When pressed on the issue, she attempted to wave it off by saying she was focused on her “business and her career” and that “many of her supporters are first time voters” and that “private sector individuals need to come off the sidelines”.

Every part of her explanation is laughable.

First of all, voting is only difficult if you are the victim of voter suppression and intimidation. If she had claimed suppression, she might have a case, but she didn’t. She simply said she was focused on other things, meaning it was not even a priority for her.

Absent suppression, the only possible reason a person doesn’t vote is they either don’t believe in it or they don’t care enough to do it. To argue that you were “busy” with your career or business and therefore couldn’t bother to show up to register your take on an election for SIX congressional terms IN A ROW makes you unqualified to be a candidate by virtue of showing that you don’t care about democracy in the first place.

Dan Crenshaw is backing an unqualified candidate for Congress. Typical celebrity politicians.

Second, Lisa Song Sutton likening herself to potential first time voters as a candidate is a clear, unintentional admission of just how unsuited for office she is. When someone who hasn’t voted decides to get involved in civic engagement and making the world better, Indivisible Houston applauds that effort. We welcome people to get involved in democracy. But what we do NOT support is a person jumping directly into a congressional race. That’s an insult to what we do and an affront to democracy.

It’s fitting that Crenshaw backs her for office. Like Sutton, he has used his fame to build a persona and sell books instead of helping the world. In addition to backing this supremely unqualified candidate, Crenshaw has recently made the news by hocking his book wherever he can shill it, even to his own party.

Uninvolved, disengaged people clawing for power is a disservice to the people they wish to represent. Sutton’s statement shows that what she means by “on the sidelines” is to be removed from the political process, then try to use democracy as a stepping stone to further her career.

That’s not political engagement.

That’s being a con artist.