Net Neutrality

Help Indivisible Houston and March for Science – Houston Raise $500 to Build a Block-Long Ethernet Cable

A few days ago, the FCC voted 3-2 to roll back Net Neutrality regulations. In spite of this setback in the fight for a free and open internet, we will continuing to fight on multiple levels to ensure access to information for The People is not blocked by Internet Service Deniers.

Progress as of 12:pm December 18th: $175.00/$500.00

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As part of future actions in the fight for Net Neutrality, we’re building a symbol that speaks to the monumental nature of the fight at hand:

A Block-Long Ethernet Cable.

Big Blue Ether – a project taken on by several of our more artistic resistance friends- will serve as a reminder of the issue at hand so that the fight continues into the future. The beauty of the Internet is in what it represents. It is the great “technological bootstrap”, access to opportunity represented in a system that has unlocked communication and education in ways never thought possible.

Similarly, the fight for access to information will never be static. Between building new solutions in our communities, finding independent projects to support with our time or money, and holding policymakers accountable, there will always be something new and different in the fight that what we currently call Net Neutrality represents.

Big Blue Ether will serve as a flag, stage, and symbol in the fight for not only Net Neutrality but for opportunity and access to information for all.

Big Blue Ether will cost $500, but we will use it over and over again at events for Indivisible Houston, March for Science – Houston, and other organizations.

Help us build it!

Then let’s build better solutions and a better world.

Donate today to build Big Blue Ether here, Indivisible Houstons’ donation page.

Want to join us for action even sooner? Join us for our Net Neutrality Day of Action Tuesday, December 19th.