Texas Legal Aid & #Justice4GeorgeFloyd

HEY Texas, y’all have turned *OUT* to honor the memory of Mr. George Floyd, and to remind the police of this country that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Houston has said ENOUGH to the police violence that takes our friends, our cousins, our neighbors. I am so proud to be part of this city.
Here is a centralized list of lawyers who have expressed their willingness to represent pro bono individuals charged for causes related to their participation in the #Justice4GregoryFloyd demonstrations this weekend.
Indivisible Houston is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Black Lives Matter Houston (@BLMHOU) and the other co-sponsors of Friday's demonstration.

Lawyers and Legal Aid, Houston (Harris County)

Listed in the order that we received/became aware of the names. Please be sure to check with the lawyer before agreeing to any representation, especially since some of them may only offer pro bono (free) support for specific charges.

  1. Nneka Akubeze, at 832-405-7098
  2. Chelsi R. Hall, at 832-723-4284
  3. Melissa Morris, at 713-226-7220
  4. Joy Thomas, at 281-444-0330
  5. Coby DuBose, at 713-685-5000
  6. Remington Alessi, at 713-783-2677
  7. Eric Sundin, at 210-834-5630
  8. Stacy M. Allen, at 832-276-9036
  9. Sonja Marrett, at 845-304-6783
  10. Amrutha Jindal, at 832-386-6198 [with Restoring Justice]
  11. Jakki A. Hansen, at 281-884-4364 or 832-746-7667 (cell) [with The Hansen Law Firm, P.C.]
  12. Tasha Wilson, at 713-863-0003 [735 Yale St., Houston]
  13. Joe Jones and Neil Krugh, at 713-520-8833 [with Sloan Firm, 15010 FM 529, Houston]
  14. Jessica L. Guobadia, at 281-817-0392 or 832-702-9669 [with Jahnz Guobadia Law Firm, PPLC]
  15. D'Angelo M. Lowe, at 832-953-5693 [with Lowe Law, PLLC; 7322 Southwest Fwy, Houston]
  16. Courtney Alexander, at 713-291-3117 [email at
  17. Ginna Pastrano, at ginna@pastranolaw.com [with Pastrano Law]
  18. Heather Villalobos, at 713-893-7475 or 713-268-0788 [email at villaloboslawoffice@gmail.com]
  19. Maureen Farrell, at 314-435-9764 or 281-884-4364 or 832-746-7667 (cell)
Legal Aid in the “Travis County area”
Tycha Kimbrough, at 833-553-4251
Legal Aid in Corpus Christi
Matthew Manning, at 361-236-2060
Big thanks to Danyahel Norris for corralling the initial info in a thread of screenshots; I’ve made it a little more searchable/clickable for phone numbers. Screenshots of the lawyer statements about pro bono representation can be found at that thread.
Let me know if I ought to add anyone or amend your entry -- via the form below, or at contact@indivisiblehouston.org.

Bail Fund / Bail Support in Houston (Harris County)

HoustonBailFund.com, a collaboration between these two Black-led organizations listed below. Assisting protestors secure bail, legal representation, rides from jail, and other resources.

  • Black Lives Matter Houston; point of contact Brandon Mack, at blmhou@gmail.com or @BLMHOU or @thebrandonmack
  • Pure Justice; point of contact Sasha Legette or RoShawn Evans, at 404-468-7508

Also: Pure Justice, Restoring Justice and The Bail Project are partnering to use donations to pay bail for people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic at no cost to them or their loved ones.

  • "We are independent nonprofit organizations that are not affiliated with or part of any law enforcement agency."
  • Eligibility details in image.
  • Email bail@restoringjustice.org, or call 832-586-0708.
  • Hotline open 9AM to 6 PM (cannot accept calls from jail).


Eligibility Details for Bail Assistance from Restoring Justice and partner agencies
Eligibility Details for Bail Assistance from Restoring Justice and partner agencies