Ride of the Chicken!

Ride of the Chicken! A Trump Tax Scam Livestream Protest

45 and congressional elites are looking to jam the #TrumpTaxScam through Congress and plop it on the President’s desk, giftwrapped and ready to serve to the uber-wealthy by Christmas, and this plan is bad. VERY bad.

We have two simple demands for the powers that be:

  1. No tax plan shall be put forward until the President undergoes true financial disclosures- including his tax returns.
  2. The current version of the Trump Tax Scam must be rejected.

To raise awareness of this horrific plan, Indivisible Houston will chauffeur #ChickenDon past a series of symbolic stops across the city on livestream, including:

-The Harris County Tax Collector’s Office on Preston
-Ted Cruz’s downtown office
-John Cornyn’s Memorial Drive office
-And John Culberson’s Memorial Drive office.

Join us one of three ways:

  1. Meet the Ted Cruz #ChickenDon welcoming party at 808 Travis at noon to await Poultry 45’s arrival;
  2. Meet the John Cornyn #ChickenDon welcoming party at 5300 Memorial Drive at noon to await Poultry 45’s arrival;
  3. Tune in, like, comment and share the Ride of the Chicken livestream from the Indivisible Houston Facebook page starting around 11:45 AM on Tuesday, as our tail car follows the pollo parade and reports on reactions from onlookers.

This plan is bad, and our lawmakers are too chicken to stop it. Let’s show them what we think of that.

#TrumpTaxScam Details You Should Know

  1. The Tax Scam will RAISE TAXES ON THE POOR. By increasing the overall income tax on the lowest income bracket, this plan will certainly drive up taxes on those with the least income available to them, throwing another roadblock in the way of class mobility.
  2. It will line the pockets of the TOP TENTH OF THE TOP ONE PERCENT. By slashing the corporate tax rate to 20% and closing ZERO PERCENT of the loopholes, then repealing BOTH the alternative minimum tax AND the Estate tax, this plan allows the uberwealthy to task ARMIES of lawyers and accountants with figuring out how to dodge paying as much as they do now in favor of yachts, overflowing overseas cubby holes full of cash. It’s reverse Robin Hood robbery that steals from the poor to give to the rich.
  1. This plan DESTROYS deductions for the poor. Between the elimination of the adoption credit, the destruction of the medical expense deduction and the dismantling of the student loan deduction, the #TrumpTaxScam systematically makes life harder for the working class all as a way of financing yet another high-priced golden gas guzzler for the 1%. It attacks families, the sick, and students- some of the people who most need assistance.
  1. It’s HARSH on small businesses, so harsh in fact that small business associations have been coming out against it left and right: http://money.cnn.com/2017/11/03/investing/tax-bill-business-lobby-realtors-homebuilders/index.html. It also eliminates deductions for renewables, throwing in an extra slight by further refusing to acknowledge our energy crisis.
  2. The deficit will SKYROCKET. This unfunded mandate will add $1.5 TRILLION to our deep red balance sheet as a nation, further crippling our chances for growth all so the Wealthy can make off with the pot of gold.
  3. It will slash Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and/or Education. To make up for some of these cuts for the wealthy, reps will have to walk back a few of these concessions. To do so properly means cutting existing programs with significant resources. Our gut says they won’t be finding that money in the military budget, so it’s coming out of protections and benefits instead.
  4. This plan is an attempt to undermine ACA- PERIOD. The plan may try to eliminate the individual mandate. This is another attempt at repeal even though the majority of Americans prefer to keep ACA in place and Senate Republicans have already FAILED to repeal MULTIPLE TIMES because they HAVE NO REAL HEALTHCARE FIX.Get more info on how the Tax fight IS the HEALTHCARE FIGHT CONTINUED: http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-gop-tax-plan-obamacare-individual-mandate-repeal-2017-11