Ted Cruz Appreciates the Support of Infamous Racist

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted this week with great celebration of praise from WorldNetDaily, a site with a long history of racism and bigotry, for his backward immigration plan. WorldNetDaily gushed effusively over the Senator’s immigration position, prompting a retweet from Texas’ junior senator.

Why is this significant? Simply put, anyone who elevates WND does not belong in American government. In 2001, WND infamously published an article blaming Americans for 9/11 thanks to their embrace of Islam, calling New York the “head of the Great Satan”. In 2010, the publisher dropped Ann Coulter for speaking at a gay conservative event, calling her the conservative “Judy Garland”. In 2011, the publisher released a book- not an article, but a full book- peddling the racist birther conspiracy. In 2012, a series of articles on the site catalogue “black mob violence” through racist, unsupported claims. In 2015, the site published a piece from Alan Keyes claiming a high court ruling in favor of gay marriage was “just cause for war”. In 2017 the site published, among other hateful articles, at least three defenses of the Confederacy, including a piece titled labeling the Council on American Islamic Relations “the Muslim Mafia”.

Senator Ted Cruz is infamous for his spin and his embrace of the racist dog whistles of the White House. Several of the arguments made by 45 echo those made by WorldNetDaily, forcing us to confront the frightening reality that both the White House and its supporters in Congress are all-in on racist conspiracy theories and dehumanizing rhetoric intentionally designed to divide and conquer communities.

Contact Senator Cruz and tell him to you oppose his connection to WorldNetDaily and 45’s delusional wall idea, then demand he reopen the United States Government.

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