Indivisible Houston’s OFFICIAL Texas 2020 US Senate Candidate Scorecard

Hey Houston Indivisibles!

We asked the 2020 candidates how they aligned with what Indivisible Houston cares about. Scores are based on how the candidates’ policy positions and priorities align with our values, which we assessed through a comprehensive questionnaire we asked them to submit.

We’ve provided a summary below.

A few helpful notes before you dive in:

1) Indivisible Houston is committed to flipping Texas.
We support replacing Trump lackey John Cornyn with a new Senator who will not be beholden to the White House.

2) Indivisible Houston is not offering an endorsement.
While we have scored candidates who turned in our questionnaire, we are not endorsing anyone. This is a scorecard based on our priorities.

3) We did not account for factors beyond the questionnaire.
If there’s something a candidate said that you specifically like or don’t like, or you like or don’t like something about their resume, that may be a factor outside of this scorecard. This scorecard focused on Indivisible Houston priorities specifically.

4) We did not score candidates who didn’t turn in the scorecard.
If a candidate did not turn in the scorecard, we did not score them. We sent all Democratic Senatorial candidates a scorecard.

5) Full questionnaires and our weighting system are available upon request.
You can also see our questionnaire here.

Please see our summary and full scorecard presentation below!

Engage, Educate, Resist,


Indivisible Houston Senate Scorecard
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Indivisible Houston Senate Scorecard
Indivisible Houston Senate Scorecard candidate summary
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