Indivisible Houston’s Statement on DCCC Involvement in the TX-07 Congressional Race

Note: As a social welfare non-profit, Indivisible Houston does not endorse any candidate or political party This commentary is not an endorsement, but rather a discussion of our democratic process.

Any statement to the contrary is propaganda we preemptively, and roundly, reject.


Fellow voters, activists, and fellow Houstonians:


As you may have seen recently in the congressional race for Texas’ seventh congressional district, the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee has decided to, as one publication put it, go “scorched earth” on one of its candidates. Its decision to do so comes on the heels of an article from The Intercept in which Indivisible Houston’s President was quoted providing information that has been publicly shared for quite some time.


However, due to the amount of pressure we have rightfully placed on John Culberson for his utter failure to represent TX-07- including poor preparation for Hurricane Harvey; regressive and anti-poor economic policies; the gutting of healthcare, especially for seniors and children; loosening protections to allow for corporate robbery; anti-scientific analysis of our environmental policies; advocating for the current slice and dice map of TX-07, which has been gerrymandered into the shape of a jumping poodle; and a lack of action on a clean DREAM Act- we have decided to make a statement about the recent political hit job perpetrated by Washington insiders aimed at congressional candidate Laura Moser.


The DCCC’s claims against Moser are detailed in two places: a special page they have written and dedicated to smearing her on their website, and a statement released by a DCCC spokesperson.


The only thing the statement seems to have gotten correct is that “voters in Houston have organized for over a year to hold Rep. [John] Culberson accountable”. Indeed, voters in the Houston area have been working to hold their congressional representative accountable.

Those voters- no matter who they fight for in the race- have demonstrated tremendous heart and soul by block-walking and speaking passionately about the pros and cons of the candidates they prefer. We commend them for being civically engaged and pouring their hearts into their local community.


So it was disheartening- offensive, even- to see the DCCC lob missiles from its perch in Washington DC into the heart of our district at one of the candidates without calculating the collateral damage of its dirty and deceptive dealings. It’s separation from our local race is perhaps best exemplified by one of its attacks, in which it conflates Paris, Texas with the entirety of our state as well as our local congressional district.


Apparently, the DCCC is too far removed from our district to know that Paris, Texas is about as close to Houston, Texas as it is Paris, France, and that literally NO ONE in TX-07 cares a lick about whether or not a candidate would prefer have their teeth pulled than live in Paris, Texas (which is in TX-04, by the way).

This leaves us in the tricky position of having to explain to a slimy DCCC spokesperson, who has apparently never stepped foot in our district but claims to know our psychology, several basic yet important facts:


1) “07” and “04” are different numbers;


2) Paris and Houston are different cities;


3) You no more represent TX-07 than you do the Eiffel Tower;


4) And most importantly: the collective preference here is for you to STAY OUT OF TX-07. Your anti-democratic, unprincipled hooks will be treated as a hostile invasion in our process and Texans won’t stand for it.


Seriously. Everyone here hates you now. If that was your goal, mission accomplished. The only words you should have had for the people of TX-07 were “here is some money” or “we’re back-filling the position of the person who used to be in your district” or “how can we help DREAMers?” Instead, you have attempted to poison our democratic process.

TX-07 Voters: Vote for whoever you want. The actions of a few thuggish operatives with nefarious motives should in no way impact the person you democratically elect in Congress.


No matter who you select, your election belongs to you, not some elite Beltway snob hellbent on torpedoing your election.

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